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Strict Domestic Female On Female Spanking Action

All The Way From Scotland, Home Of The Tawse!

Smacking Ladies Bums
Strict Female On Female Spanking Action Above From Northern Spanking

Two naughty ladies above have been fighting over a magazine when Miss Dublin entered the room. Demanding an explanation she is given nothing but a mouth full of cheek! Irritated by the 'so what' attitude of the two ladies they are both lined up, put across her knees and soundly spanked on their bare bottoms! Each one in turn as the other watches on nervously wondering whether her own spanking will follow!

Other than Northern Spanking themselves, we are the only site with permission to show you these images so come on inside now and see a little more of what we have waiting for you! We promise you wont be disapointed! This is REAL spanking by REAL spanking enthusiasts and we think it shows!



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