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  • CarolGetsSoreBottomFP
    Carol Gets Sore Bottom
  • BendOverMyKneeFP
    Bend Over My Knee
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    Japanese Hand Spanking Volume 1
  • BadGirlsCorrectionFP
    Bad Girls correction
  • JapaneseGoddessSpanksFP
    Japanese Goddess Spanks!
  • JaneBendsAndSpanksFP
    Jane Bends & Spanks!

Here at FemDom And Spanking Site we are lifestyle spankers and spankee's and have loved domestic spanking for all of our lives :-) We are based in the United Kingdom, famed for its use of the cane and have contacts with the very best domestic spanking video and image producers right across the world from the tawse in Scotland to the wooden paddle in the USA and from the cane in England to hand spanking and paddling on the shores of the legendary S&M islands of Japan!

Several of our M/f spanking sites here in FemDom And Spanking Sites are video clip sites which will give you dozens of great spanking videos right here on our fast servers which will enable you to watch some of the best spanking videos right there at your home on your own computer in no time at all! But just because they are primarily video clip sites does not mean that you will not see galleries with them! There are many great galleries in them and if those M/f spanking galleries are not enough for you then there are many more included in our Mixed Spanking sites here also in our site linked together, site by site in one large menu.

Japanese LezDom

Smacking Ladies Bums

Girls Spanking Girls

Sexy Asian Spanking

Trip Over Her Knee

Sexy Hand Spanking

Carol Spanks Her Girlfriend

LezDoms Spanking

She Spanks She

Strict Southern Spanking
Lucy Spanks Janes Bare Bottom.
Lucy Spanks Jane
Carol Gets Sore Bottom.
Carol Gets Sore Bottom

Bad Girls Correction

Bend Over My Knee
Japanese Hand Spanking Vol 1

Asian Goddess Spanks

Jane Bends And Spanks

Dont Forget Our Mixed F/f and M/f Domestic Spanking Sites Here at FemDom And Spanking Sites!


Soundly Spanked Lady

Spanking Institute

Pants Down Spanking

Harsh Spanking

Spanking Bonanza

Not Enough Spanking For You? You Also Get Access To Our Earlier Cyber Age Sites From Within Our Members Area!

From our beginnings some 10 years ago we began working with Age Check who then changed to Cyber Age but for reasons which will be of little interest to any of you, we decided to work instead with Net Verifier who have been a far more suitable AVS system for us and who do not place middle pages and other adverts in between the sign in page and the content main area for the site :)

Unfortunately the old AVS sites which we ran do not comply with the requirements from Net Verifier to be included within their main list of approved sites however when you log in to any of our Net Verifier sites linked from the menus and thumbs above you will find in the main menu inside the gallery pages you are directed to a page listing the members areas of all the old AVS sites so that you can visit them and browse at your leisure :-)

These sites were not available to Net Verifier members in the past and are included now as a good will gesture because we would love for you to share in all the great photos and videos that all these marvelous spanking video producers produced before visiting their fantastic spanking sites! :)

Asian Spanking

Assume The Position

Badge Of Her Authority

Bad Girls In
Regulation Knickers

Detention Time

Disobedience & Discipline

House of Discipline

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