Miss Candi's Strip Club Spanking
Strict FemDom Fm spanking Southern USA Style

Feeling utterly humiliated, Michael watched as Miss Lani, his spoilt strict new girlfriend pulled his pants down and then roughly pulled him across her knees. Looking down he could see a close up of Her Ankles and shoes and the backs of Her Thighs from a close angle he had never seen before but sensed he would see so many more times in the future! Then it came. WHACK! OUCH!

YOU WILL learn to obey Me when I give you and instruction DO YOU UNDERSTAND YOUNG MAN!!!???!!!

Ow arggghhhh Yes!!! YES WHAT Miss Lani demanded as her hand came stingingly down on his bare bottom once more.

Argghhh yes Miss!

Thats right. Yes MISS! Do NOT forget again young man because you may get your backside tanned!

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